Nieuws Curaçao

Eerste vlucht Condor komt vandaag aan

Vandaag komt de eerste Condorvlucht uit Frankfurt aan op Curaçao. Om 15.25 om precies te zijn. Condor vliegt één keer per week op woensdag heen en weer. 300 vakantiegangers passen er in de Boeing 767. De goedkoopste retourticket naar Duitsland kost 350 euro.

update: op Hato kreeg het vliegtuig een welkomstsaluut:

Speech on the occasion of the inaugural flight of Condor by Minister Zita Jesus-Leito

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure and an honor to be here today in addressing a few words to you at this wonderful event, the inaugural flight of Condor.

More than anything else, please allow me to start by extending a heartfelt warm welcome to Condor on its first touchdown on the soil of Curaçao.

This all started to take form back in September with the signing of the protocol and the conclusion of a new Air Transport Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in respect of Curaçao. With Condor leading the pack, this agreement led the way to the re-establishment of direct connectivity between Frankfurt, Germany and Curaçao after the final authorization was extended on October 22nd.

The Boeing 767-300 aircraft is a well-known, established and reliable airliner of which Condor has no less than 16 of these. We are delighted that Condor, with its worldwide network, is expanding its attractive range of routes and is now offering direct flights, thus ensuring continuity and comfort to the passengers between Curaçao and Frankfurt and beyond.

With the partnership of Condor and the various tour operators and tourist bureaus, we will now have the ability to bring people from Frankfurt, the surrounding German cities and other European countries and with the possibility of further island hopping. By offering Curaçao residents and visitors direct service to another major international hub, Frankfurt, Germany, and of course vice versa, by offering German residents and visitors direct service to the Caribbean, we’re growing our international presence and global connectivity. This fits perfectly with our objectives of the Ministry and will certainly lead to success.

This flight is the beginning of what we see translating into a significant increase in stopover European traffic. A much welcome scenario where all three will benefit, Condor, Germany and Curaçao. We are certainly happy with this development and you should be too.

Like the sunny heart once on the tail of Condor aircraft we extend to you a sunny warmhearted Thank You, Danki and let’s just say, Welcome Home, Bon Bini and many many happy landings.

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